Senior Accountant (Accounting Firm)

We are looking to hire a talented, experienced finance accountant to join our remote professionals team. You will be reviewing handling end-to-end accounting for 5-15 clients, and cleaning books and making adjustments to prepare a solid trial balance, as well as preparing and checking balance sheets, P/L statements, and other financial reports for accuracy. To be considered for this position, you will need to demonstrate that you meet the following criteria:

* Be fluent in English, written and spoken;
* Have 2+ years of experience working for an accounting firm in the US;
* Have thorough knowledge of QuickBooks Online and Xero;
* Have 7+ years of experience in accounting & finance;
* CPA and Certified Bookkeeper qualification preferred;
* Willing to work during US business hours (flexi-time longer term);
* Have a fully equipped home office with power/internet backup.

Our clients are medium-size accountancy firms in Florida, California, New York, Texas, and Arizona. You will be working with the same client and will be placed with that client (an accounting firm) permanently. Your shifts will during EST, MNT, CST, or PST hours, depending on which client you are matched with and their location (business hours in the US). This role is $8-$11/hour x 50 hours/week = $400-$550/week a week (depending on experience), paid weekly after you complete your first 3 weeks. All applicants must have excellent communication skills, a suitable home office arrangement, and a high level of spoken and written English.